Sunday, January 31, 2010

First post of the semester (Microcosm Spring 2010)

I have started having issues with troublesome the material assigned to me....I started out forming it through presses, and after seeing a previous example done a year and a half ago I decided to avoid extruding Spackle.

The question that I decided to focus on was "how can Spackle hold light?" (its a window installation after all) I have noticed is that when Spackle is thin enough, it can glow when the light hits it. The light then also shows imperfections in the Spackle compound I have created.

here are some images from my testing phase.


  1. Those are some beautiful images, i see the next step as refining the shapes/effects you hope to accomplish, then beginning to think of them as a series, or to be more vague, how they translate to the panel as a whole....

  2. I agree the images are great! Definitely agree that picking maybe one shape that seems to work the best is good, and then thinking of how you can put them together. Either by placing them next to each other, or stringing them together, to create the whole panel.

    I like the bottom photo, which the balloon poured on something with a texture. That may be a way to get them all to come together, is to pour them separately but close together on another material like a ribbed plastic, or mesh, to help hold them together... just an idea!


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