Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here is what I was able to get finished for Tuesday. I'm very happy with the way my project turned out, although I think it still needs work. I'm especially pleased with the section and the series of plan diagrams at different elevations. I think the first page's diagrams work, but I would like to spend more time linking project 3 to this one. Part of the problem was sticking to the requirements of 5 items (4 boards and my model).

One of my many goals this summer is to develop my rendering skills. I'm not t0o happy about the renderings. I think they could use a lot of work. But again, time was not my friend.

Well, it's been a pleasure everybody. Thanks for a wonderful semester, and I look forward to seeing what everybody has for project 5. Any critiques or other thoughts of what I have here?


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