Thursday, May 14, 2009

Project 5 - Gradiated Experience

As in project 3, my exploration here was in the area of authenticity. I took that a step further by also exploring spacial authenticity. Similar to the way that the structure is implied on the outside and revealed on the inside, the interior spaces are outwardly implied and revealed as experienced. The unveiling of the structure is slowed down compared to project 3. Inside, as one passes through each consecutively larger room, they should notice that the interior panels are more open, compared to the last, and that more of the structure is revealed.

South Elevation - Notice that the grid travels across the 3 shells. This ties the separate parts together. The gradient of interior spaces is evident from the outside.

From South West - The gradient of panels on the outside is varied and expresses interior flow patterns.

From South East

Courtyard from entrance with office enclosure on the right. Notice the difference in interior panels.

Interior of Machine Hall with fully opened interior panels.

This is still a work in progress and I hope to update the blog with better images when I find a computer that can actually render this geometry. Any advice on rendering would be helpful.

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