Monday, March 29, 2010

Article from national discussion on thesis

Discusses how different theoretical structures in practice can be used as models for structuring thesis.


  1. So where does Microcosm fit into the matrix? What about other studios you have taken?
    Where would the most recent theses projects fit?

  2. I've had a few {{{}operations} {projects}} movements} and one {{{{}}theses}} (although that wasn't evident until after the semester that the thesis was supposed to be the professors).

    Mmmmm, I would classify Microcosm as an addition to the matrix, a:
    {{{{theses} {operations} {projects} in the name of {movement}. These would come first as we are looking to begin developing design from the bottom-up, use process to develop a design and unlike last years studio, have a specific place to apply our work. The incorporation of experimental technologies brings movements into the mix but, there is sufficient room for other, historically crafted methodologies.

    Not familiar enough with the theses currently in production. I did see a {{{{}projects}}} (Borne) last winter as well as a: {{{{}projects}}movements} who ended up abandoning his movement to discover something about himself in the process. It worked well. Sorry, I forget his name....


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