Thursday, March 25, 2010

Project: FireFly

Our group plan is to use software to generate a pattern plan, around which we will melt small
plastic components (pictures coming soon), which will then be assembled into larger groups that
will in turn make up our ceiling prototype. We have access to an unlimited number of plans and
must make some design decisions about how the overall expression develops.

There are over 1000 different options here to choose from, some more attractive than others. It
would be interesting to try a voronoi but I think it will express stability. I for one, am interested in
movement, so we will see how the project unfolds.
Notice how the plan above varies between static
and dynamic with subtle changes such as tangential alignment or simple moves like shifting the
regulating point lists.

Although the video is at 8x speed, it is sooooooo slow; I did not have great access to movie
software at this time and will have to do better next time. Hopefully there will be more to come
(and more elegant videos) as the plan gets applied to 3 dimensions.

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