Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wire Nodes

Starting with wire and nerve cells

Nerve cells are interesting to me, they represent the focal point of many smaller strands. I am inspired by their nodal quality and pursued that trait in the subsequent designs.

The site itself is the jig. The jig works by bolting threaded rod into the landscape and wrapping strands of wire around the threaded rod nodes. The wire in this artifact is very diagrammatic and speaks to the intentions of the design, unfortunately the jig provides infinite variables with no inherent organization.


The jig needed to provide organization to this project, so I tried to extract some from the way it is built. First was to limit the wire attachments ponits to one per 1/2" grid spacing, second was to limit the bridge to two nodes.

The parameters and variability in the more limited system were quickly explored using pantyhose which acts as an array of wires.

Toward the end of this series, the bridge element was added as a variable and explored through sketches and models.

Relating platform to structure

My first move to relate the platform to the underlying structure was to build the nodes into the platform, physically tying the to systems together.


Prototype 3 sought to further weave the platform with the wire structure; first by separating the spanning elements from the walking surface and second by connecting the walking surface to the wires directly.

Adding Details

The jump for prototype 3 to the final was small, it kept generally the same elements and form while expanding on the connections and detailing.

The truss connector on the bridge now show itself on the platform, acting as the structure for the handrails.



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