Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fluid Glass

I started with this one, with idea of being able to capture the latent quality of glass shattering. Then trying to bend the glass to transform it to give a quality not usually associated with glass.

This is an image of the opposite side of the glass cover with clear tape, for support.

This one I was experimenting with color. This one has hot glue on the back, holding it together.

These was a test on a larger sheet of glass. Closer to the size of the final piece. The process I use to create it, is a layer of clear tape on the back of the sheet of glass before breaking it, then I break it, with a tool. Which I am now in the process of seeing how different tools make the glass shatter in different patterns. Then I bend it into the shape, being held to the limitations of where the glass shatters. Then add a layer of a gel medium, I have found works the best to hold the piece together.
I would be interested to know what qualities this evokes in you? The one I have come up with so far is FLUID.


  1. I think fluid glass is a good descriptor. Especially, this can be seen in the image with the blue color tracing the fractures of the glass. Something about that image just reminds me of water. The only problem is that isn't quite fluid yet. It actually seems like faceted variants? Anyway, there are a series of facets each of differing scales that makes the pieces.

  2. Yeah, I agree. Faceted was another word, I had been playing with. Thanks for the input cause I was undecided a little. I definitely think that faceted could work.


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