Thursday, February 4, 2010

gossamer flashing

The material that I am working with is aluminum, specifically it is rolled flashing.
The effect that I am trying to achieve is this thin silk like appearance with varying degrees of tranlucency.

The delicate silk effect achieved by creating a contoured surface with tin foil and then heating the flashing material with a torch and allowing it to drape itself over the tin foil.

The translucency is produced thru a series of micro perforation that appear as the material thins out under heat.

The word that I am using to describe these effects is gossamer- although I don't believe that is entirely accurate- so any suggestions would be appreciated!

deep contours - torch applied to uncoated side of material
shallow contours - torch applied to uncoated side of material
 shallow contours - torch applied to coated side of material
 reverse side of torched panel
 this sample is getting closer to the "gossamer" effect I am pursuing
 look a little closer
 first run at translucency
 second run- getting a little better-
however I need to figure out a better method of capturing this effect in a photo

yes I did take all my pictures with a black background....oops


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