Thursday, February 4, 2010

Plastic Bumpz

My material is plastic [0.030 PETG] and it is being manipulated/deformed by driving a shaped dowel into the plastic at specific intervals.

As of now, the effect I am attempting to achieve is "unsteady". I also was thinking about "protuberance" (probably not a word), "deformed", and "agitated". If any of these make more sense that "unsteady" or if you have any other ideas that would be extremely helpful.

The "unsteady" effect is manifesting itself through the slight bends of the plastic as it is pounded out as well as the bow that will form in the plastic when is is hung in the curtain wall.

If anyone has any other ways to speed up the process of hitting each of these dimples one by one, that is probably my biggest concern right now.

(sorry for the bad images/backgrounds, I will put better ones up soon)

Profile of the artifact showing the "spring" quality which will hold everything in the curtain wall.

Variation in distance between the ends and the center.

Bending of the plastic through dimple placement.

Close-up of the dimple pattern in the sheet.

Artifact experimenting with dimple patterns and spread.

Current process of gridding plastic sheet and hammering dimples.

Gridded artifact with dimples placed.

Any other comments or suggestions would be much appreciated. (especially any that can spare the ears of everyone who will have to hear my hit 10,000 dimples into a sheet....sorry in advance)

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