Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monolithic Decay

v1.0_After the happy accident of finding trace paper buried inside my tape formwork, finding an interesting texture, I proceeded to intentionally bury trace paper within the rockite. After curing the only way for me to remove the trace was through ignition. Upon burning the trace out from the pour I was shocked to find a sort of decaying agitated monolithic form.
v1.3_The third iteration of this process trying to coax out the effect found earlier.
v1.5_Here the effect is beginning to break from the monolithic, yet still too closely tied to the forms rigid geometry.
v1.7_Finally, the effect begins to sufficiently break the confines of the monolithic, better balancing decay and monolith

?_While the process of creating these artifacts is exciting I am left questioning how to most successfully propagate this effect to a panel while minimizing weight. Any thoughts peers?


  1. I feel like anyway, covering a whole panel in rockite is going to be heavy. But maybe making a series of them, and leaving a small space in between them might help, like half and inch or something. So it is not completely covered, but still enough that it would look all together like a surface, and maybe not jail bars. Then also a little bit of light would come through the cracks if none came through the actual pieces. Just an idea though.

  2. Agreed. I think that is the direction I am going to go. Good to be validated by someone else.


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