Friday, March 6, 2009



  1. hey all, these are just some of the latest study models i'm working with. i don't have much since yesterday as i'm waiting for the laser man to open. my thinking right now is looking more at materiality, especially with paper, and implementing that to make a more rigid combo of components i.e. jeff's example of tension and compression.

  2. Regarding the high level of contrast at your last desk crit: I think the new models have reduced the contrast. The skeletal subsystem has become less dominant, it is mostly covered from one side. The planar subsystem went from being flat to wrapping over the other subsystem. The skeletal system is informing the shape of the wrapping system. Would it be desirable to have the wrapping system also inform the skeletal system in some way? Like having the joint between units be a part of the wrapper rather than the skeleton. Are you still working with 'defensive' as a theme word?

  3. thanks for the suggestion nate. i'm still tinkering with the word of 'defensive' but the more i think about it the less i like its implications in terms of my overall convictions. i want to explore a more integrative approach in trying to interrelate change and stasis. i would like to think 'defensive' is the wrong term to characterize my views, but it's really making me think about things like, 'am i defensive and resistant to certain aspects of change?' do certain areas of progress worry me? i think it may open up a whole new approach to my design. that being said, i think your suggestion of integrating the skeletal joint is crucial and one i plan on exploring more.


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