Thursday, March 5, 2009

Emergent Construction

I guess I'll start the questions...

After Thursday's discussions about class projects, I've been wondering about the implications of components driving a design. If a component is designed, and then another different component is designed (in the same "language" as the first), and so on until the whole project is completed, is it possible to begin some fabrication of certain component elements ahead of time - as is often necessary - or does every second stage have to wait until the first is done? I can understand how a design might progress this way, but can an entire building project be conceived of in the same emergent way?

Plastic Man


  1. I think buildings are already done this way. Some parts of the building are made before others and design changes continue. BUT the difference is leveraging your idea to be the driving force of the design and increasing the difference between stages. It seems to increase unpredictability and offers more feedback loops at full scale.


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