Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Welcome To Your Blog

The blog is up and everyone that provided an email has been invited to join as an author. A few things of note, the blog is setup to be private, which means that we, the authors, are the only people able to view the page and post. It should not appear in search results and if it did it would not allow access to non-authors.

I think Kyle plans on incorporating the blog into a few activities. I also plan on posting some of my in-progress studio work with the hopes that I will get feedback from everyone else, but if I don't that's okay, I'll just be sad. I will be trying to catch up with work over the break and this could be a good place for communication while we are away from studio. There has to be about a million other ways to use the space too.

If we need a name change or a subtitle rewrite initiate a change. That goes for anything.

Thanks to Cassie in advance for designing our 'rockin' header, Ted for advising, and Kyle for integrating this experiment on the fly.

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