Friday, March 13, 2009

This is the current state of things. The concept driving the model is the idea of the world as a framework for exploration. The images show the progression from ground level to birds eye to overview, revealing and concealing the different elements to be explored and engaged. Also, it looks like a spaceship.


  1. Lovin it. I like how the tabs are self-similar to the components, the triangles have triangle tabs and the circles have circle tabs. Are the wood pieces adding strength?

  2. Great observation, I wasn't even thinking in terms of self-similar tectonics.
    The wood pieces supply most of the strength. The tectonic idea is that the connection pieces create a ridgid spatial system out of what would otherwise be a flat limpid pile of trianges (ok, and a dab of glue helps as well).

  3. These images are looking great! The side view (revealing the disks) has a strong biological feel, and the material contrast is dramatic. It is really coming together nicely.

  4. lookin righteous man. i really think the theme you've decided on is shining through, especially from the bird's eye view, where you can just see specks of the wood coming through, letting the observer wonder what's going on underneath thus leading to further investigation.


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