Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Clarifying Theme

This prototype represents 1/4 of the planned model.  It shows top, side, front and corner conditions.  It does not include the redesigned straps that now change relative to their span.   I'm also going to add rough white bristol to the inside surface, which should highlight the oscillation of overlapping edges on the outer surface.  

I updated the wall of pins with my new theme, "a dynamic interaction of opposites," but I'm not totally satisfied with that yet.  For me the opposites are expansion and contraction represented by the circles and straps.  The system uses one connection type throughout.  The expansion of the circle puts tension on the strap.  This is repeated with variation in size and degree of folding.  Each module (consisting of both systems) is connected to four other modules and because of this the enclosure becomes structurally redundant.  So the system is about cooperation, interdependance, and being comfortable operating in larger system of difference.  This is how I would characterize my future as a 'digital craftsperson.'  I expect opposition, I will however continue to act as a collaborator with change in exploring my ideas.


  1. pretty rad man- it looks like an angry armadillo ready to strike! it also looks like the system has gotten much more layered and i dig the effect. are there still some apertures from the cut chipboard showing through? i like the idea of just a slight porosity within the heavy, layered system: could create an even more dramatic interior. who knows, it is 2am as i write. it's lookin great.

  2. I really like how the tension and compression elements visually represent their their role in the system. Might you perhaps be dancing around a profound statement about authenticity? I think so. I like the statement about cooperation and interdependence, however, I don't fully understand the "larger system of difference" in your model or stance. Could it be said that there can not be cooperation without at least 2 cooperating parties? It seems like the "difference" or "opposition" is just a necessary element allowing the system to exhibit the greater, more evident theme or stance of interdependent cooperation.

  3. Its definitely rockin'. I agree with Jeff that the element of interdependence seems strong, although "dynamic interaction" also seems very strong. Interdependence is achieved through structural interdependence. Dynamic interaction, on the other hand, is achieved through progressive deformation of one type of component by the other (and maybe this is mutual). The dynamic interaction seems more fundamental, with the interdependence occurring as a happy side-effect.

    The part of the theme I am less sure of is the "...of opposites" part. The two types of components are distinct, yes, but they do not seem to me to have a strong sense of being opposites. One might ask how to make them more polarized, or one might ask if this part of the theme statement is important. Could the theme be: "dynamic interaction"?


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