Friday, March 6, 2009

Circles and Straps (Change and Stasis?)

Change vs. Stasis as, a dynamic interaction of opposed forces, expansion and contraction.

The latest developments.

Starting over wasn't so bad. I went with one of the connection types from the image below. Three sizes of circles and six sizes of straps made all these models, plus a lot of help from Jeff and Robyn. I was considering a move away from the circular shape, but in many of these models it creates rigidity by meeting edge to edge. Some spring like behavior, a couple of surfaces, a branching column, but no corner yet.

Jeff caught using his rapid-prototyping powers and Robyn defusing a chipboard nuclear device.

Seriously. I'm looking for ideas on how to restart my research. At the moment I'm making connections, as many as I can think of. My plan is to let the connection turn into the component rather than making a component that needs a connection. I'm also trying to start with the corner. The idea being that it will be easier to turn a corner into a surface than a surface into a corner. Oh yeah, the last strategy is 'no frame'. Hopefully my bus ride in will produce an epiphany.


  1. I love the idea of starting with the corner- it will be interesting to see where that leads you! Regarding your connections becoming the main element- sounds like a total departure from your original theory...and/or if your keeping your original objective (show element two affecting element one) seems it might be more affective to show through grid/surface. Joint construction could change slightly and only as a tertiary response to element two's presence. I guess I just feel your statement will get lost in a confusing jumble of overcomplicated joinery if you go that route...BUT if you develop a new theory/statement that could be worth pursuing.

  2. I think the theory is gone for the time being. I need something tangible to work with first. Thanks for the comments.


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