Thursday, April 9, 2009

A balance of action and contemplation creates a higher degree of meaning in one's actiones

Curiosity and imagination drives a person to explore new and innovative ideas in the active life while needing the ability to detach physically to reflect upon one's actions.

A partial visual connection is established on the exterior while a slow transition into the space beneath the contemplative sanctuary creates a heightened degree of curiosity allowing a person to imagine what may lie ahead.

Yellow depicts the active life while red depicts the shows visual curiosity.

Question: Does the separation of these two states of being create a heightened sense of free will or does it decrease it because they are both vital to a person's view of the world.


  1. that building is on fire! i believe both states of being are vital to a person's view of the world, but i would argue that you're not really separating them. just the move of allowing even the slightest visual access to the active space instigates contemplation, no matter where you may be headed next within the building. i think there's a high degree of integration throughout the entire structure whether it's visual, acoustical, physical, etc. and thus a very successful plan. you're offering a wide range of choices in what type of contemplation or activity one would want to engage in, and there are varying degrees of each.

  2. I really appreciate the graphic quality of hybrid presentation of the physical and computer realm.

    I feel you are close to representing your individual view on how the space should be used and would have to agree with how the space is interpreted to be engaged actively and mentally.

  3. I'm drawn to your first sentence after the title, "Curiosity and imagination..."
    Action? and Contemplation?

    I am most curious about the area behind the blue windows. Is this creating a separation between the spaces or a connection? Path moves around it. Also in it? Vision maintains connection. Do the upper windows looks through the blue space?

    I think the intruding blue space could be elaborated to strengthen your argument. It is a separation, but could free will use it differently?

  4. I see your plan as only heightening this sense of curiousity during the drawn out entry sequence. one one is in the space it is obviously partion-less. where does curiosity come into play once you have arrived? I feel as though you have this incredible, epic climax (in the transitional space) that doesn't deliver on a promise. i think maybe, though because you have cut aperetures into the interior wall, a catalyst for a curious mind to start wondering?, this may indeed provoke one to seek out what its like to inhabit the greater space. the overall plan is very legible, and the graphic is great! could you post a diagram or two?


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