Thursday, April 16, 2009

Parametric Swallow Action

Crazy flock of swallows flying over Rome.

What rule system could generate this behavior?


  1. kyle took the words right out of my mouth. looks like a ufo to me.

    too bad something that complex could never be 'real'

  2. how to "flock"

    also see, "On Boids and Beauty" by G La in the skycar city book... as a related metaphor for flocking and studio culture.

    also see 'tooling' p. 62 for more 'flocking'

    Self-Organized Fish Schools: An Examination of Emergent Properties

  3. as for the 'real', the flocking may be more real than anything produced in school through digital means... it is a direct realization, or 'actualization' of its virtual form... trajectories and self organized properties are read directly upon creation. See Cymatic images by Hans Jenny where standing waves of sound are made to vibrate metal plates covered in sand...the sand actualizes the virtual potential of the sound.... versus mearly realizing some possible(which never is made real,only simulated)

    Sanford Kwinter discusses more at length the difference between the 'virtual and actual' vs. 'possible and real' in his book Architectures of Time.


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