Thursday, April 9, 2009

Individual vs. Group: separation of unique individual(s) thought to enhance the group

What might be seen as a more "hallowed" space here: the exalted pods or the sacred ground occupied below the pods? (clarification: this is an enclosed space- rear, side, and front walls that attach to floor plate are not installed to show off interior.)


  1. I see this space as HUGE and monumental and stark. Almost like a cathedral of the individual and collective. A person barely being seen in your scale model. With light poring in from the tippy-top of the wall surfaces alone. I think this is a very successful and mysterious take on the diagram of contemplative vs. active as well as individual vs. group. It makes me think of church's and their mystery and ceremony of hierarchy. There a certain places that aren't just private or separate, but SACRED to the individual. Places that going into would mean ostracizing from the group. Banishment into the wilds of the murderous city landscape that resides outside of the walls of your cathedral.
    I see this 3-d diagram as successful because the extreme connections and emotions it generated in me were at once both pure to your diagram as well as encouraging to think further on the subject itself, to see it as a framework that works for many interesting situations that people could come up with.

    nicely done.

  2. I see the ground as the more sacred. The pods elevating to avoid disruption of the space below. I'm left wondering about the meaning of the two steps in the ground surface.

  3. the steps are a slight threshold demarking a separation of workshop and group collaboration/brainstorming area.


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