Thursday, April 9, 2009

INDIVIDUAL VS. GROUP: Chaotic group interaction; Individual control-reflection, digestion, veiling/exposing connection

The point is made. Does it meet these ideas of group chaos and individual refuge?


  1. i dig your images. i think we are working on similar ideas with the group vs. individual conundrum. i guess to me your spaces right now don't look chaotic but pretty ordered. i definitely think you're getting the separation you desire, but chaos to me would be like a crazy maze path leading to an individual group area that may just be an illusion and you have to retract and go find another path to really find the space blah blah. maybe a chaotic group area could mean multiple uneven levels or maybe the individual pods are encroaching so close as to cause fear on the group or something. i think it's cool that you, me, and jacenko are dealing with almost the same type of individual separation ideas.

  2. I agree with your input and would have to state that the column ordering from the spaces drops down to create a random forest which the individual has to work through to get to his "individual clearing".

    This is not evident in the rendering and this is what is meant by the chaos.

    So hopefully this clears this up. But does it still make the individual feel like a chaotic space is being illuded to??? Or is the chaos still not evident?

  3. Group chaos: The stairs in the image are independent, they zig zag but the connection and path are singular. Could the stairs mingle creating multiple paths as they move from the individual to the group?

  4. good point i agree with that and will try to incorporate this into my final design


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