Thursday, April 9, 2009

difficult to sum up in one image and ten words

Would I be right in my thinking that although I grasp the concepts of these exercises that I am failing in my progression of realizing these products? Some of these other products are beautifully crafted diagrams of spaces that would be the pride of any theme-presentation intro or advanced exercise project. I realize that my ideas cannot be summed up so quickly. That my objectives, while distilled, cannot be iterated so clearly. I don't necessarily think that I don't have a clarity (although this is sometimes true), but that I seem to have reservations of such diagrammatic unveiling. Do I not trust people will see the essence? Do I, like I sometimes express, embody subtle meanings that are closer to being expressed through emotions which are best expressed in either lengthy diagrams or emotional drawings, or am I stubbornly and wrongly rejecting the exercise?


  1. When I suggested the 10 words I had you in mind. Brevity is freeing.

  2. Maybe your reservations are rooted in your previously stated conviction of "oscillation between the active & contemplative". That is, if I remember correctly you argued for a continuing reformation of convictions/beliefs based on new experiences in the active realm.
    That could be why you are having a tough time making a definite diagram of an underlying conviction. It can change based on a new experience, a new discussion, and it probably will.

  3. I appreciate your struggle as a counterpoint. I also think that your convictions are well formed and strong so I would encourage you stand by them.


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