Thursday, April 9, 2009

INDIVIDUAL WORK: progression fueled by drive

Here are my raw thoughts at the moment:
Filters(?): thresholds, obstacles
-organize ideas/thought
-diminish distractions
-emphasis drive (only go to core if you really want to)

Challenge an individual's commitment to their work by dramatizing effort, resistance, seclusion...


  1. I like the idea of filters; especially the simplicity of the vertical panels.

    I believe they could be more controlled though to aid your theme of progression fueled by drive. At least in the image presented I understand the general filter but don’t feel as though I am being specifically directed to a certain part of the space.

  2. Innovation through conflict or necessity is the mother of all invention. I'm also reading the model as having an extended threshold. So rather than having a thin extreme obstacle there are multiple surmountable obstacles. Does the challenge enhance the action or thinking?

  3. I believe it would enhance both action and thinking. I feel as I would be stopped by the object I would have to think why or redirect my action around it. This makes a constant connection between active and mental perception.

  4. I see- it's like the comments during Jessie's first project 4 regarding ladders. If an individual is so occupied with the physical action taking place, their mind is primarily focused on that and not the larger, driving thought. This is why I've chosen to draw out the thresholds, rather than turn them into impossible obstacles...maybe I should explore drawing it out, creating some relentlessness...


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