Thursday, April 9, 2009

Work:Individual - Multiple Discrete Actions Form Larger Interactions

What are the implications of making the small spaces more parametric. Would it change the meaning of the space if they varied in size and location?


  1. random thoughts...
    With so many options within one space, I would immediately try and organize my use of the space by matching up tasks to discrete areas.
    We talked about open areas being more active and smaller areas being more sedentary...
    Regarding your statement- at what point do the individual actions interact? how?

  2. my first thought to your question was that i think the meaning would definitely change if there were a parametric space shift. however, i was then imagining a very slight shift, like a very small gradient shift, where each space was just slightly smaller/bigger than the next. would there really be a difference in meaning? would the functions improve and grow or stay the same? am i just restating your question? (yes)

  3. I don't think it would change the meaning. Are discrete actions always the same? No. I think by making minor incremental changes such as slightly shifting the positions or changing the sizes you can still retain your theme here.

    This adds to the complex and redundant qualities found in current contemporary methods; adding richness yet still keeping with your theme.

    It could be different if you do not move or change the space sizes methodically as too many drastic changes could create proximity problems and visual strain.

  4. I think you are already being parametric in your thinking by varying the elevations of the various spatial volumes. There are some limitations and opportunities in each scenario.
    However, I would like you to clarify your conviction on the active vs contemplative with regard to this particular scenario? Right now it seems to favor the active life? Is that correct?

  5. Jasenko I see contemplation and action as being possible everywhere. So the distribution of both is fairly even initially. In my opinion action is dependent on more factors so I try to emphasize the action in my scenario with bodily action, thin thresholds, and highly variable movement.

  6. Ian I think your answer may be no, but you say yes just to confuse me. The changes whether slight or drastic would not change the meaning of the spacial relationships as long as the system could still be described as multiple smaller spaces around a larger space.


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