Thursday, April 23, 2009

RP Machine as Seeds for Growing Spaces

This is a conceptual representation of a series of four spaces formed initially around a waterjet cutter. The spaces were generated using the script from proj_02 and manual modelling. The parameters were changed to make a series of spaces with similar relationships to my proj_04 diagrams. Each space is smaller than the one before and less connected to the group/active areas. The structure is made using pipe bending technology. I mapped an image of my proj_01 wax pods onto the skin of the spaces. The panels making the skin could be fabricated with a cnc mold and vacuum formed plastic. I have plans for using proj_03 as a second outer skin that could also peel away from the structure to form covered outdoor spaces. The gyroscoping elements are currently only used to aid modelling but will be developed into structural thresholds locking the pipes together and allowing people to pass through.

The last image is the same model from a different angle. It looks a lot like some of the wax models I made.

Yes I am thinking that this is what the building will look like. This is an incomplete conceptual model but it is the direction I want to go. Am I out of the realm of the plausible?

Finally I got a particle trace to finish in under a day. The combination of curved and transparent surfaces is killing my machine.


  1. I think the colored image looks amazing... and I would say we're never out of the realm of what is plausible.

  2. Outstanding. and I agree with Ted.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement fellow micros and former micro.

  4. So this is what you mean by digital fabrication?

    I'm really diggin the graphics. The conceptual intention seems to stand strongly as it ties in with the materials presented. I wonder what the final wholistic building will look like and just invisioned a series of spaces projected upward...maybe that would yield some interesting results as well.

    What's the intention as it relates to the individual as the thresholds are passed through?


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